Thursday, 25 June 2009

Relivery & Silence

by Reagan Lorn

Upending smother careless plaid. Tremble south. Bridal. Garnish memento spandex creation. Plethora furnish candidly. Relivered bonus toward-too China.

Tangled perpitude, sun-tranced hush. Of wretched singe Adam.


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tanks and Fitness

by Carry Goat

Tragic brother vision turtle. Playground heavy garner, able scythe freedom. Lolly. Guest wrinkle. Clarity pushing gither fitness of parmendo blithely friends. Tackle sundown forward menace, grift or peeling torque? Bob. Crank-partisan.

I hooter pickle tension smother.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


by Tammy Ing

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Rind Yellow

by Rick Tingles

Heavy gate water Seminole. Letter rind under yellow. Staircase victory loves tomato Wagner dishes. Open higher. Galley elopers quandary diminishes party elements death. Is radar persons claiming tundra? Jackal regulars ebullient magnet tryst of heavy conifer ditch. Guess! Placemats itcher game. Hole very fleeing bigly sand crate pillar Rudolf asinine. Downtown yipper kite steal brandy hosier penetration verbal hip.

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Monday, 22 June 2009

Bottom ...

by Terrence Guthaford

Bottom razors driven froth. Particle timbre wisest bottle. Crisp prairie visitor’s tower. Troubles gaff your wretch-ward mark.

As moons hurl piece-meal laundry, spokesmen tangle garbled leisures. Basement sandals tarry glisten. Don’t you know he dropped go skittles?

Rainfalls marriage thickened crags. Long-termed arm-hair patterned corn man.

Gracious sweat divisive rainspout. A ton up ferry goat.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Words on the Road

Words on the Road

From Sun to Mystery, we words walk the highway. A ministry of satisfaction. Tight-ending drivel, left-over tombs. Regarded as winners. Brusque winds disappear. Expansion. Settled. Meek smells enrich tapestry.

Sedentary on the backs of travelers. Words see all. We'll send you postcards.

Friday, 19 June 2009

The Status of Words

Words statue. Standing our falls. Not puppets or dummies. Not masks. Not signs. Not rivers. Not traces of erasable ink. Not ideas. Nor sensations.

What say words of themselves? I stand. You fall. Stand us up, fore you’re gone.

White Heat

Do you doubt: writing is energy? Words vibrate, burn, and resonate. Contract independents. The chemicals explode. Fictional mastery? Writing is alchemy.

Or a sorcerer's art? Conjure. Incant. Call-forth forces.

A craft? Word-forge apprentice. First forgery, then identity.

Don't let your words burn red. Many fear fire. So: be white heat. (Gift your glowing lethal power.)