Sunday, 15 April 2018

"On What Is True," part 15

An expert with a lifetime of experience in these matters assured me that all the main elements of the following can be trusted. The dogs having had their fill left the man in his painful condition. He arose despite the unbearable pain of the millions of raw nerve endings grinding upon one another with every slight movement of his body. At the same time, the man left his dismantled house after the display case of shame killed the funeral-goers by laughter. The man then by happenstance crossed paths with the man. Recognizing him, the man said, 
"I buried you." 
"Did you? How dare you leave the job unfinished?" 
"How dare you leave your suicide unfinished?" 
"I hate you. You are what I refused to become." 
"I hate you more. You are what I refuse to turn back into." 
The man then punched the man in the densest, rawest part of his nerve-bundled body, a clump bulging out slightly at his gut.
"Good, the man said, good, keeping punching yourself. And why is that? Why are you hitting yourself?" 
"I cannot stop it, the man said to the man, but why can you not stop it either?" 
"Because neither one of us has power over necessity and even less so over the case." 
After the man's nerves were pounded down to mashed tissues, the man departed from the man forever. Although the expert is recently deceased and can no longer attest personally to its veracity, he entrusted his son in his last will and testament to defend this account at all costs.

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