Thursday, 12 April 2018

"On What Is True," part 10

Have no doubts. After the disinterested attendees filed out of the funeral, the man was left with the first real laborious task of his life, to bury himself. Looking at his corpse, he was unenthusiastic about needing to carry it. The body the man left himself was not very strong anymore, and he knew that carrying his body would be tiresome. He took his corpse from his coffin and dragged it out the front door. It was not his concern really where he buried himself, so he just found a nearby shaded place under a tree. He began digging and while appreciating the shade he realized that his work was made more difficult by the root system he needed to cut through. As he dug, he occasionally glanced to his corpse and was ashamed to be seen with it in public. After getting almost deep enough, he stopped caring about digging, and he rolled his body into the pit. Seeing his body collapsed and lifeless at the bottom made him feel empty inside. "Why did God have to make me be the one to bear that man? And why was he so unable to follow the Will and Grace of God? All he had to do was have faith in God and do God's Will." The man continued burying himself and when all the dirt and severed root were tossed back to the hole, he felt weary and headed to the man's home. "It is time now to dismantle his life, piece by piece. It is cursed through and through." This I regret to confirm is true, and as dark as it may seem, the nightmare to follow had not yet even begun.

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