Thursday, 12 April 2018

"On What Is True," part 9

Regretfully I must remind us not to forget the following. After killing himself, the man was assigned his greatest shame, far greater than the one that caused his suicide. He was to be the sole eulogizer at his funeral. Those who attended did so very regretfully, forgetting that the normal social expectations of paying respect should not apply to the man. The man stepped before his corpse and said to the regretful attendees: "As you are all disinterested in the man, his life, and his death, and rightfully so, I will speak directly to him and not to you." "You were a burden to the world, to God, and to yourself. We are glad you ended your life. God opened to you the doors of paradise twice, and both times you failed to enter. God regrets giving you that second chance after your first failure. Like the world and God, I must bear the consequences of your failure, even though you are gone. But to have left us, God, and yourself was necessary, and we are all grateful that necessity prevails." Sadly this is all entirely true.

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