Tuesday, 10 April 2018

“On What Is True,” part 2

The truth was revealed to me. This is what God said. The man jumped on a block and fried his eggs. He looked out the window to see the water sprinkling the lawn. The ground became covered in worms. They tied into knots and died. The man felt his hands shake. He took an old record and played it. He began to see his future. Everything he did not want to happen did happen in his dream, “but will it?” he wondered? He put on strong boots and went to his attic. Sun shone through a small window, illuminating the floating dust. He saw his old things. Everything that he wanted to happen, did happen, as far as he could see. He stared at his old things as the sun fell, not moving except for his mind. He was shocked by how many times he had died throughout his life. “It's not fair,” he said aloud, banging his hand on something firm, “it's not fair that there is an end to death.” This God did tell me.

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